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David Godden (Ph.D. McMaster University, 2004) is an associate professor of philosophy and director of the undergraduate program at Michigan State University, with research interests in epistemology, the theory of rationality, reasoning and argument, the theory of evidence, logic (formal and informal), the history and philosophy of logic, and the history of modern and analytic philosophy.

Dr. Godden has published on a wide variety of topics including corroborative evidence, virtue argumentation, argumentative rationality, argumentation and extended cognition, teaching rational responsibility, deep disagreement, Mill’s logic, Quine’s holism, common knowledge, presumption, and argumentation schemes. His articles have appeared in journals such as Argumentation, Synthese, Logos & Episteme, History & Philosophy of Logic, Topoi, Philosophy & Rhetoric, Argumentation & Advocacy, and Informal Logic.

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