Christian Lotz Publishes Edition “Reading Continental Philosophy and the History of Philosophy”

Reading Continental Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, co-edited with Antonio Calcagno, Lanham: Lexington Books 2023.

This inaugural volume of Continental Philosophy and the History of Thought seeks to establish the tone for a series that explores the rich relationships between thinkers, schools of thought, and philosophical movements crucial for the evolution and development of Continental philosophy. A historical focus allows scholars to uncover essential but understudied thinkers and ideas within these interactions, and these new discoveries along with fresh textual analyses challenge established philosophical views, possibly resituating, even overturning dominant interpretations. As the essays that follow make evident, a school of thought remains vibrant when it engages not only with its histories but also with emerging movements that enter the scene. It reconfigures itself through both the new knowledge it acquires and the omissions it makes. The scholars gathered here challenge us to rethink how the history of thought is used in the Continental tradition, and how it can be mobilized in our search for solutions to contemporary issues.

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