PhD Program

Our PhD program emphasizes a broad range of contemporary philosophical issues and issues within the history of philosophy. Current faculty areas can be found here. Recent seminar offerings can be found here. In addition, MSU offers wide ranging opportunities for interdisciplinary work, specializations, and concentrations. Information about how to apply can be found here.

Contact the Director of the Graduate Program, Christian Lotz (, for inquiries related to our graduate program.

Research Strengths


Bioethics & Philosophy of Medicine

We strive to understand what health and health care are (medical epistemology) and what they ought to be (medical ethics)…

Socially Engaged Philosophy of Science

Because of the important roles that science plays in contemporary society, we use tools from the philosophy of science to understand both descriptive and normative aspects of science…

Social & Political Thought

Our work is in an area in which traditional debates over justice, freedom, and political obligation are increasingly joined in contemporary philosophy by concerns with inequality, power, identity…


Environmental Philosophy & Ethics

Our work covers topics such as agricultural ethics, environmental justice, values in environmental sciences, food sovereignty, ecofeminism, …

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Critical Theory

Feminist Philosophy 

Food Ethics


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