Nic Cottone

Jeffrey Kyle Davis

Philosophy of Emotion, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Communication

Darci Doll

Ethics, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Race and Gender Issue

Kwabena Edusei

Blake Ginsburg

Chase Halsne

Charles B. Hayes

Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics, Philosophy of Technology

Jonathan Hollingsworth

Critical Theory, Marxism, and Continental Philosophy

Benjamin Kenofer

Care Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Kathleen Lowenstein

Ken Marable

Cognitive Science, Ethics, Metaphysics

Jessica Martinez-Cruz

Indigenous Philosophies, Feminist Epistemologies of Black Women and Women of Color, Politics of Memory, Violence, and Resistance

Taylor Mills

Philosophy of Technology, Indigenous Philosophies, Latina Feminist Philosophies, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Epistemology

Jeramy Neefus

Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Epistemology, Ethics

Jessica Richardson

Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Phenomenology, Issues of Identity

Kahlia Roberts

Gregory Rogel

Ayanna Spencer

Epistemology and Black Feminist Thought

Jared Talley

Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Social Epistemology, Environmental Governance

Andrew Woodson

A.Y. Yomi-Odedeyi

Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous Theories for Sovereignty and Survival