The Philosophy Department offers a minor in addition to the major. The minor enables students who are interested in studying philosophy but who choose not to be a philosophy major to receive recognition for their philosophy coursework on their transcripts. The requirements for the philosophy minor are as follows.

A total of 18 PHL credits, including:

  • One of the following courses in History and Traditions of Philosophy:
    • PHL 210 – Ancient Greek Philosophy
    • PHL 211 – Modern Philosophy
    • PHL 212 – Latin American Philosophy
    • PHL 213 – Africana Philosophy
    • PHL 214 – Indigenous Philosophy
  • One of the following courses in Logic:
    • PHL 130 – Logic & Reasoning
    • PHL 330 – Formal Reasoning
    • PHL 432 – Logic and its Metatheory
  • At least one 400 level PHL course.
  • Additional credits in PHL courses to reach 18 total PHL credits

Contact Director of Undergraduate Programs David Godden ( or Academic Advisor Amy Lampe ( for more information.

Checklist for keeping track of your progress