The Philosophy Department offers a minor in Philosophy and Law. The minor enables students who are interested in studying philosophy and law, but who choose not to be a philosophy major, to receive recognition for their philosophy coursework on their transcripts. The minor in Philosophy and Law allows students to take classes that cover such issues as:  What is the relation between law and morality?  How do changes in technology contribute to changes in the law (e.g. regarding medicine or environmental issues)? Does the law help or hurt oppressed groups in society?  How can international law contribute to peace?  The Department of Philosophy is expanding its connections with the MSU College of Law, and plans for other opportunities for students in association with the minor. Coinciding with the minor, the Department offers an advanced course in Philosophy of Law, PHL 454, Topics in Philosophy of Law.  Possible topics include:  the relation between law and democracy, human rights, international law, and race, gender, and the law.

Minor Requirements: 

  • At least 18 credit hours in Philosophy, including courses listed below
  • PHL 130 Logic and Reasoning or PHL 330 Formal Reasoning or PHL 432 Logic and Its Metatheory (logic requirement)
  • PHL 354 Philosophy of Law or PHL 454 Topics in Philosophy of Law (philosophy of law requirement)
  • At least one course at the 400 level (PHL454 may count for this requirement as well as the above requirement)
  • At least one of the following courses in ethics, social, or political philosophy:
    • PHL 340 Ethics
    • PHL 342 Environmental Ethics
    • PHL 344 Ethical Issues in Health Care
    • PHL 345 Business Ethics
    • PHL 350 Social and Political Philosophy
    • PHL 351 African Philosophy
    • PHL 353 Core Themes in Peace and Justice Studies
    • PHL 355 Philosophy of Technology
    • PHL 356 Philosophical Aspects of Feminism

Checklist for keeping track of requirements for minor