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today’s jobs demand 





sharp, creative, 
inquisitive mindS

You don’t need to get an advanced degree to benefit from a philosophy major. Philosophy is good for any career.

employers want people who:

Comprehend What they Read

Raise the Right Questions

Know how to Evaluate Others’ Claims

Write & Speak Clearly & Persuasively

Value Multiple Perspectives


For yourself

Now is the best opportunity in your life to explore philosophy. Examine your life and your world while you have all the resources of MSU at your fingertips!

For law school

Philosophy majors do better on the LSAT than any other majors except math and economics — ten percentile better than political science majors!

For medical school

Philosophy majors do better on the MCAT than biology majors! Take a few physics, biology, and chemistry courses, but use your philosophy major to excel on the writing and verbal reasoning sections! 

For BUSINESS school

Philosophy majors do better on the GMAT than all but math, CS physics, and engineering majors! Be prepared for the new “Integrated Reasoning” section!

For grad school

Philosophy majors do better on the GRE total than any social science or humanities majors offered at MSU!


Why did you choose Philosophy at MSU?

Olivia Jamrog ‘16


How has studying philosophy at prepared you for life after MSU ? 

Soujoud Hamade ‘16 


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Meet Your Advisor

Amy Lampe

Department of Philosophy Academic Advisor
Office: Linton Hall Room 200, Auditorium Room 113b
Email: lampeamy@msu.edu

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