Ph.D Student

Jeffrey K. Davis is a doctoral student in philosophy at Michigan State University.  Davis received a BA in Philosophy and Theatre from Eastern Michigan University, in addition completing some master’s work in EMU’s nascent MA program in philosophy.  Their areas of specialization are primarily in philosophy of emotion, phenomenology, and philosophy of communication.  Their areas of concentration are in moral psychology, social epistemology, feminist theory, disability theory, early Chinese philosophy, philosophy of mind, and critical race theory.  Their primary research areas are concerned with the normative and epistemic qualities of listening, listening in high-stakes communication scenarios, and social justice applications for listening methodologies.  Davis is also interested in the normative import of aesthetic expression and works on inquiries regarding ludic forms of knowledge-making and game studies in general.  When not researching philosophy, Davis dabbles in the performing arts (fifteen years as a professional musician, five years as an actor) and enjoys laughing with friends.