Taylor Mills is pursuing a dual degree PhD in Philosophy and JD at MSU College of Law. Her philosophical research interests include philosophy of technology, Indigenous philosophies, Latina Feminist philosophies, Critical Race Theory, and feminist epistemology. In law she is committed to Immigration Law, advocacy and reform, Human Rights Law, and Tribal Law. Within these two fields she is dedicated to interdisciplinary approaches to social justice, namely by interrogating how modern computational technologies can both enhance and dismantle structural oppression projects. She also holds a graduate certificate in Digital Humanities. When she is not studying she is an active member of various choral ensembles at MSU’s College of Music. Prior to MSU Taylor earned a B.A. in a composite major of Moral Philosophy & Psychology with a minor in Spanish from Hope College. She also served as the Community Coordinator for Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates, a nonprofit immigration law firm in Holland, Michingan. For more about Taylor and her work, visit taylorelysemills.org